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When it comes to event management, marketing and operations, the PRIME team knows how to deliver on a world-class level. We bring over 60 years of collective experience building and running major events throughout the sports and entertainment landscape. This depth of experience includes:
  • Properties: We’ve run marketing and operations teams at blue chip properties and understand how these work together to create unforgettable events.
  • Boards: We sit on boards for multiple industry organizations, providing guidance and thought leadership to their growth strategies.
  • Committees: We’re active participants in national committees to help shape policy while staying on top of the latest trends and technologies for our clients.
  • Events: We’ve directed sports events, entertainment programs, industry conventions, and the like from the grassroots to the professional levels.
  • Brands: We’re experts in developing sponsorship packages for corporate partners, selling those packages and then bringing them to life in unique ways.
When you work with us, you can expect the same standards of professionalism and excellence we’ve always offered and always will. And this goes not only for your team, but for everyone involved from your attendees to your vendors to your host community at large.


Sports and entertainment events have countless moving parts. Making sure those parts work together in the right ways to create incredible experiences for your audience is what we do best. We deliver premium solutions across all stages of event development and execution: strategy, planning, marketing, partnerships, hospitality and more. We put our decades of building best-in-class programming and our extensive industry network to use in making each and every one of our clients’ visions a reality.


Your goal is to create a one-of-a-kind event, our goal is to make that happen as easily as possible. We begin with your ideas and build on them using our insights into what makes your kind of program successful. Then we ensure that our integrated solutions overcome any obstacles between you and an outstanding experience for your attendees and stakeholders.


We understand how important hospitality can be to your business. We also recognize that everyone’s business is different, as are their customers. If our years of creating unrivaled corporate hospitality events in sports and entertainment settings has taught us nothing else, it’s that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our long-term partners appreciate how we work with them to create customized programs that deliver a return on their investments, not someone else’s.

Event Management

Events are successful when every single component has been chosen, planned and executed based on a single set of objectives. Sometimes, keeping everything in alignment to maintain this consistency can be challenging.

Working with a one-stop shop streamlines so many aspects of event management and helps ensure all inputs create a unified output.

We offer you a 360 array of services:
+ Event creation
+ Logistics and production
+ Design
+ Travel support
+ On-site management
+ Marketing
+ Sponsor relations
+ Merchandise sales
+ Volunteer coordination
+ Financial planning

In each of these areas, we are committed to being a high-caliber partner who will seamlessly guide you toward a high-profile event.

Our Team

Angie Eliason


Angie Eliason

Angie is a 20-year veteran of the sports and event management landscape as well as a respected executive and mentor of up-and-coming industry professionals. As the COO of United Soccer Coaches, she oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the organization.  Prior to United Soccer Coaches, Angie served as the VP of Revenue Media Group and the Director of a number of local, regional and national organizations, including United States Youth Soccer. Without question, she understands how to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences to each client.

Among other things, Angie’s range of skills includes:

  • Business development and operations
  • Vendor negotiation and management
  • End-to-end logistics
  • Budget creation and oversight
  • Youth and adult sports and events

An avid traveler and fitness nut, Angie explores the globe as much as possible when she’s not busy serving as one of the industry’s most in-demand marketers.

Geoff Vandeusen


Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 11.47.35 AM

Geoff VanDeusen is a skilled leader whose two-decade career has taken him from the field to the board room. He currently serves as CEO at United Soccer Coaches, the largest organization of its kind in the world. Geoff’s diverse experience also includes college athletics and international sports through stints with the NCAA and FIFA, respectively. He’s widely known for his ability to run events that generate business for his organizations and his clients.

Geoff brings a versatile mix of knowledge and capabilities to the table. Select skills include:

  • Revenue generation
  • Executive administration
  • White-glove VIP programming
  • Staff selection, training, and management
  • Security and emergency preparedness planning

Unable to shake his love for soccer since his collegiate head-coaching days, Geoff continues to enjoy the game from Kansas City, MO.

Jill Schneider

V.P. of Business Development

Jill Schneider

Jill Schneider has been able to blend her 25 years in the entertainment business with her passion for serving the community. She not only oversees 50 shows across nine properties for Caesars Entertainment, she’s also an active member of the organization’s celebrated HERO community service program. As a former two-term president and longtime board member of Win-Win Entertainment, Jill excels at connecting great entertainers with great charities. Her special blend of for-profit and nonprofit allows her to bring unique value to any event.

A sampling of Jill’s core competencies in this area includes:

  • Sales and business development
  • Event planning and promotions
  • Corporate events and hospitality
  • Entertainment, resorts and casinos
  • Nonprofit initiatives

In between building and selling A-list events, Jill is a fixture on the Las Vegas philanthropic scene where she lives out Win-Win’s motto of “Love Serve Give” on a daily basis.

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